How Km Solidario Works?

It's Easy!


1. Choose an Institution

Choose the Institution you want to help with your kilometers (you can change at any time). See Institutions


2. Start your Activity

Choose whether you will run, walk or bike and press start. Don't forget to end the activity when you're done.


3. Done!

You are contributing to the Institution you chose. Now just enjoy you workout!


4. Share!

Share with friends and bring more people help while taking care of their health!


5. Partner Apps

If you have Garmin, Polar, Strava, Fitbit or Apple Health, you can synchronize your activities directly.


6. Your Institution Appreciates

At the end of each month, we distribute part of the revenue raised from advertisers and sponsors in the app in the proportion of the kilometers receveid by Institution (Terms of Use).


Donate KMs and help us change lives!

Ampara Animal
Colégio Mão Amiga
Gerando Falcões
Horas da Vida
Instituto Ayrton Senna
Instituto IPÊ
Pernas de Aluguel
SOS do Câncer
União BR
Vida Corrida


Estevão Lopes | Km Solidário

Estevão Lopes

Virna Dias | Km Solidário

Virna Dias

Tande | Km Solidário


Cacá Bueno | Km Solidário

Cacá Bueno

Lars Grael | Km Solidário

Lars Grael

Glenda Kozlowski | Km Solidário

Glenda Kozlowski

Carlos Dias | Km Solidário

Carlos Dias

Vladimi | Km Solidário


Patricia Fonseca | Km Solidário

Patricia Fonseca


Our Advisors that help us keep the course and always get better

Sylvio de Barros | Km Solidário

Sylvio de Barros

Ana Minuto | Km Solidário

Ana Minuto

Hugo Bethlem | Km Solidário

Hugo Bethlem

Eduarda Espindola | Km Solidário

Eduarda Espindola

Renata Gomide | Km Solidário

Renata Gomide

Amanda Sanchez | Km Solidário

Amanda Sanchez

Renata Faber | Km Solidário

Renata Faber

Km Solidário on the News!

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